Stylish blogger award

Stylish Blogger Award

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Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you, Jackie!

Since starting this blog, I’ve met terrific people and made wonderful new friends. While it’s been well worth the effort, blogging regularly is hard, sometimes tedious work. That’s why when your peers notice and recognize your efforts with awards like this Stylish Blogger Award it means so much! That the award comes from the caring, super-talented, delightfully funny Jackie Buxton makes it all the sweeter.

Jackie blogs about ‘the quirky, unbelievable and downright bizarre things that happen in life.’ Here, from ‘Four Adults and a Baby,’ is a taste of her work:

Four adults. Check! Nine litres of water, eight nappies, three different factor suncreams and a ten month old. Check! Our descent down the Grand Canyon had begun.

Our baby bounced happily at my husband’s shoulders in her rucksack – not just any old rucksack, you understand, ‘Made in Canada,’ my husband boasted. ‘They know how to make them there.’

Like the teaser? Want more? Of course you do! You’ll have to visit Jackie’s site.

Now you see why I cherish Jackie’s friendship – and why receiving this award is such an honor. Thank you so very much, Jackie, for this beautiful, heartwarming gift! Follow her blog. Or tweet Jackie.

Stylish Blogger Rules

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to 5 newfound blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Seven random facts about me

Because I posted seven facts about me, me, me not long ago, it will be a stretch to come up with seven more worth mentioning. Let’s see (she says, scratching her head):

1. When I was a teenager, I wanted badly to be one of the cool kids. Now, to me, the dorks are the cool kids – and I’m proud to be counted among them.

2. Although I talk – at times a lot (ask Dave) – teach, and love speaking in public, at heart I’m a very shy person. Invited to a party or gathering, I’m nervous for days.

3. I’m hooked on how-to books on writing. I have dozens on my bookshelf. Check out my faves.

4. As a kid, I belonged to a swim team. If I wasn’t the slowest swimmer in the history of the club, I ran a very close second, but, boy, could I chug-a-lug – on and on and on.

5. On our honeymoon, Dave and I spent a night in the Bates Motel. OK, not Bates. Believe me, it was spooky. A trap door, hidden behind the bed, opened to dead drop into the basement. When, at 4 a.m., Dave lifted the mattress and found a plastic bag of marijuana, we scooted. That room is the model for the suite in northern New Hampshire, where Abby stays with her kids, in my novel-in-progress, Nowhere to Run.

6. My husband, Dave, and our daughters, Jen, Lib, Natalie and KK, are my best friends.

7. This is embarrassing, and I shouldn’t admit it, never mind publicly – I don’t care for museums. Often, I find, they’re stodgy and boring. To me, food counts as culture.

My 5 nominations for the Stylish Blogger Award

1. Barbara Hightower – writer, reader, mother, friend – excels in every one of her roles. Her terrific writing and book review blog, ‘Babs’ Book Bistro,’ is a must-follow for book lovers. A cancer survivor, Babs lost two babies and nursed her husband through cancer and the loss of sight in one eye. A lesser person would cave under such weight. Yet, along with her estimable gifts, Babs is one of the most upbeat, awe-inspiring people I have ever met. Follow her stylish blog. Or tweet Babs.

2. ‘Newbie Author’ Dax MacGregor is a smart, savvy, extremely talented writer. His superb blog, ‘First Manuscript,’ dedicated to helping aspiring authors reach their dreams, is packed with tips and ideas for writers as well as keys for achieving success. Dax, Newbie’s pen name and alter ego, now has his own new site. Did I mention he’s fun? The ultimate professional, Dax brings a friendly, mischievous smile to the job. What more could we ask? Follow his blog or tweet @DaxMacGregor

3. The fab Nina Badzin is a Pushcart-Prize-nominated short story writer and an aspiring novelist. She’s also – amazingly, considering how much she manages to accomplish – the mom of three little ones. Nina blogs about the writing life, her take on parenthood, and whatever else she feels like discussing. In addition to her fun, heartwarming blog posts, you’ll find links to her beautiful, award-winning stories and essays. Follow her insightful and entertaining blog or tweet Nina.

4. My lovely friend, the mega-talented San Francisco-based writer Helen Page, blogs at The Daily Writing Coach, where she offers expert tips and advice for aspiring writers. A former food writer and best-selling cookbook author-turned novelist, Helen provides writing and editing advice, as well as teaching and Sandtray Coaching for writers. A newer blog, The Daily Writing Coach is a wonderful up-and-comer on my list. Certainly, Helen gives us plenty of incentive to follow. Twitter: @bulkarn

5. Follow super-woman Kimberly Kinrade because she has ‘ink running through [her] veins’ and, because, as a child, gazing at clouds, where others ‘saw shapes, [she] saw words.’ Follow because she’s an incredibly smart writer-mom, YA fantasy author, pro blogger, and freelancer – to catch a glimpse of her life and see how she does it. Follow for the writing and publishing advice. Or follow simply because she’s so much fun. But follow, you must. Catch Kimberly on Twitter.


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