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*Leah’s path was written by YA author and Novel Publicity president, Emlyn Chand.

Welcome to the In Leah’s Wake crossroads story game. You’ve chosen to travel your path as 16-year-old Leah*, a girl who is caught between what her life has always been and what it could be, wanting to make her family happy, but also wanting to have fun and be accepted by her peers. Let the game begin…

It’s Friday night, and you’re walking home from school. A Jeep pulls up beside you. It’s your boyfriend, Todd. The two of you have been dating for a very magical two weeks, four days, and seven hours. You really think you might be falling in love.

“Hey Babes. There’s a hot party tonight. You coming with?” He asks with his gruffly sexy voice.

You give him a big kiss to allow yourself time to contemplate your answer. You have an early soccer practice tomorrow morning and an extremely important match against McKinley High next week. A party will mean less sleep, but you’ve also seen the way that Brooke Hoffman has been looking at Todd lately. If you’re not at the party to stake your claim on him, she could move in and try to steal him away.


Agree to go to the party Tell Todd you can’t go

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