Congratulations to our wonderful contestants – Which Character Are You? And many, many thanks to family, friends and readers who voted!

I am positively awed by the support these lovely women received! Our top two entrants alone received 748 votes! Talk about popularity! Wow!!

For contest results or to see their terrific entries, please keep reading:


Thank you so much for participating in the Menage a Blog Tour! I hope you had as much fun as I did. I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you – and I’m thrilled by your enthusiastic responses!

A lot of you said you’re a Zoe. I’m a Zoe too! I shouldn’t have been surprised – I wrote the questions with Emlyn Chand, after all – but I was. I guess I should have paid closer attention! When I wrote the novel, while a part of me lives in every character, I identified with Zoe least. A therapist would have a field day with that, I’m sure! As I mentioned in several of my responses, Justine was – and still is – closest to my heart. On dark days, when I wasn’t sure if I’d ever finish or publish the novel, I’d think of sweet, caring Justine, and that would always get me going again. So there you have it! I’m first, last, and always a mom!

I loved reading your entries! It would have been impossible for me to choose ten, so I asked Barbara Hightower to be our guest judge.

Barbara Hightower - Babs Book Bistro

Barbara Hightower

Babs is a wonderful, supportive friend and fellow blogger. We met several months ago, when she reviewed In Leah’s Wake for my Novel Publicity blog tour. Her terrific blog, Babs’ Book Bistro, is a must-follow for book lovers. A cancer survivor, Babs lost two babies and nursed her husband through cancer and the loss of sight in one eye. A lesser person would have caved under the weight those challenges. Not this amazing woman! Babs is one of the most upbeat, awe-inspiring women I have ever met.

Visit her blog. Or follow her on FacebookGoodreads or Twitter

Babs did the hard work, now it’s up to you to choose the winners!

Soon, everyone who commented on my blog or sponsors blogs will receive a coupon for a free e-copy of In Leah’s Wake. Even if you’re not a finalist, you may still win a grand prize! Leave a comment on any tour blog and you could win the Menage Tour grand prize of a brand new Kindle! The tour doesn’t end until Thursday – with the final flirt on Friday, July 22 – so there’s still time to score your awesome free eBooks! For the tour schedule, visit the IBC blog.


Congratulations to all of you for winning. I had a wonderful time reading your remarks. Thank you for supporting Terri in the Menage Tour. Hope you enjoy In Leah’s Wake as much as I did.


1.  Bonnie

I love quizzes. I’m a Zoe and I agree with a lot of that. I’m not sure about avoiding conflict or getting depressed over reciprocated love, but I can be quite the peace maker and believe in accepting people for who they are. That’s pretty spot on.

Babs: I liked Bonnie’s comment as she accepts people for who they are no matter what.

2.  Elizabeth

Well, I am Justine and feel that it is appropriate. I have a ‘difficult’ daughter and am always running interference between her and her father. I love them both, but it can be a challenge at times! Reading helps me to escape from life’s problems, even if it’s just temporary.

Babs: Elizabeth likes to escape but she still works with her family.

3.  Marsha

I’m a Zoe. That totally sounds like me. I try my best to get through life as easily and as calmly as possible. My family doesn’t make it easy though. Drama is their middle name. I’m a retired nurse and I loved what I did until my body refused to continue.

Babs: I loved Marsha’s response. Nurses rock! Marsha works hard to take life easily despite a family that has a bit of Drama.

4.  MCB

I’m a Jerry – BAH!
You’re a stand-up person always willing to help others. (well yes)
You believe in following rules (sigh, yes again)
and are content to live a simple life.
Whenever you feel even slightly unhappy, you stuff those feelings down and carry-on. (ACK! I am a Jerry!)

Babs: I like MCB’s comment that she has a simple life and helps her family and friends. I also love the ACK.

5.  Meg

I’m a Justine and I would say I totally can relate to her. When someone is down in the dumps whether it be in my family or one of my friends, I tend to always be that person that will take the phone call at 2am or drive over to their house and listen to them talk for hours. If they dont want to talk, i’m simply that shoulder to cry on.

Babs: Meg takes care of her family and friends and is there for them no matter what.

6.  Melora Brock

I am a Justine, which does describe me a bit. I pretty much have to find a person utterly stupid and pretty worthless to give them no leeway, and there aren’t too many people that are in that group outside of serial killers, pedophiles, and people who wipe their noses with the pages of library books that I want to borrow (at least that’s what I think when I see stains in the books). Otherwise, I am a bit too doormatty, but I’m working on it!

Babs: I absolutiely love Melora’s comment about the library books. I am still laughing.

7. Michele Stefanides

Rats, I am Justine. I had a feeling that I would be. I thought I had grown a lot in all these years, but no, still a stick in the mud! Maybe it takes more than just one killer drink and texting my husband with bad language at a Peter Frampton concert last week to get away from Justine! Even getting a tattoo at age 54 doesn’t seem to have done the trick! Hmmm, let me put on my thinking cap!

Babs: I like how Michele opened up. It’s nice that, even at 54, good girl Michele is a wild one with a tattoo.

8.  Michelle Bledsoe

I am -Jerry.
I lead a simple life. I try not to make waves unless I must. I try to be all for my family and friends,although once in awhile the wild child will come out and play. That’s when I usually get in

Babs: Michelle gets into trouble at times to stir up the wild child in her, yet she has time for her family and friends.

9.  Tracy Riva

I’m a Zoe and it’s so true. I’m 47 years old and have spent my entire life as the peacemaker. Sometimes i wish I could break free of it and be more like Leah, wild, free-thinking and able to be spontaneous and follow my heart, regardless of the consequences. Of course as soon as I have the thought I go – But that would hurt so many people so i couldn’t do that. i want to see everyone calm and happy, I don’t want to rock the boat. It’s better to do without something i want than to risk hurting the people around me.

I can’t believe how much like the character I am.

Babs: Tracy sums it up well: she wants to be wild and spontaneous but would sacrifice to keep people happy.

10.  Tweezle

My Result: You’re a Leah!  You are headstrong and sometimes impulsive, but you’re passionate and chase after the world with your heart (if not always your brain). You are the center of attention at all times whether or not you want to be

Man – who’s been looking in my window? This is sooo me! Center of attention – man I hate it there, but it seems like I’m always in that center and sometimes (OK – maybe more than sometimes) not in a good way, either.

Babs: Tweezle seems carefree, yet, even though she tries not to, she still winds up in the middle of things.


In case you’ve forgotten, here are the prizes for the lucky winners:

Second Place Prizes (7 to win) – An autographed paper copy of In Leah’s Wake, plus a laminated, tassel-laden In Leah’s Wake bookmark

First Place Prizes (2 to win) – A Teen Survival Kit, which includes a tote bag with 2 autographed paperback copies of In Leah’s Wake, 2 bookmarks, a $ 15 Starbucks gift card & a 1-pound box of gourmet chocolate truffles.

Grand Prize # 1 (only 1) – A Teen Survival Kit-plus-your choice of a $ 100 Amazon gift card (Amazon U.S. only) or signed copies of In Leah’s Wake-for your entire book club (up to 15) plus the option of having the author join your group discussion via phone or video chat.