Welcome to In Leah’s Wake Book Club Week, a week of events devoted to helping readers (both existing and new) get more out of the literary fiction novel In Leah’s Wake.


Today’s events

– Terri answers readers’ questions in ‘Readers’ questions #3“and ‘Readers’ questions #4′

– A character post from one of the central characters, Will Tyler

– An excerpt from In Leah’s Wake


Book specific question

What is a good kid? A ‘bad’ kid? Is it right to make such judgments (perhaps to protect our own children? Why or why not?

Is Leah a ‘good’ kid or a ‘bad’ kid? Why?

Todd? Hope and Lupo? Cissy?

Why not leave a comment below and share your thoughts?


Fun extras

We hope you’ll also stop by the “Fun & Freebies” page, where you can access the In Leah’s Wake playlist, listen to some of Terri’s radio interviews and download In Leah’s Wake wallpaper files. And why not take the character quiz below and find out which In Leah’s Wake character you are?


Character quiz

Click here for the character quiz.


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