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Today’s events

– Terri answers readers’ questions in ‘Readers’ questions #1‘ and ‘Readers’ questions #2

– A character post from one of the central characters, Will Tyler

– An excerpt from In Leah’s Wake


Book specific question

From Wikipedia: “The nature versus nurture debate concerns the relative importance of an individual’s innate qualities (“nature,” i.e. nativism, or innatism) versus personal experiences (“nurture,” i.e. empiricism or behaviorism) in determining or causing individual differences in physical and behavioral traits.

The phrase “Nature versus nurture” in its modern sense was coinedby the English Victorian polymath Francis Galton in discussion of the influence of heredity and environment on social advancement, although the terms had been contrasted previously, for example by Shakespeare (in his play, The Tempest: 4.1). Galton was influenced[4] by the book On the Origin of Species written by his cousin, Charles Darwin. The concept embodied in the phrase has been criticizedfor its binary simplification of two tightly interwoven parameters, as for example an environment of wealth, education and social privilege are often historically passed to genetic offspring.”

How are Justine and Leah’s personalities a result of their parents’ influence?

In what ways might the characteristics Justine and Leah display be inherent? What might Zoe and Will have done to cause their daughters’ behavior? How might they have prevented problems? What could or should they have done differently?

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Fun extras

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