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Read, Write, Give: Interview with Suzie Welker (The Bunny’s Review)

Could you please tell us about yourself?

I am a single divorced mother to an 18 year old.  He just graduated high school this year and has enrolled in college.  He plans on acquiring a degree in agriculture technology. I love life and everything it offers.  I am currently working in the automotive industry.”

Darcie Chan, author of The Mill River RecluseDarcy Chan, Author of the Mill River Recluse, Shares Her Thoughts On Publishing

“I have always wanted to have a book traditionally published.  While certain aspects of either indie or traditional publishing may be more appealing depending on the individual writer, I feel that, for me, there are several benefits of traditional publication far outweigh the advantages of going it alone.  The first is that it is currently very difficult for a writer to get a self-published print version of a book into the brick-and-mortar stores (such as Target, Barnes and Noble, and Costco) where readers of print books typically buy them.  ”

David M. Brown, author of The Elencheran ChroniclesDavid M. Brown: Across the Genre Boundaries

“When people think of fantasy they may have images of wizards in pointy hats casting spells, dwarves working mines for gold, elves firing arrows, goblins lurking underground, witches stirring steaming cauldrons and dragons ruling the skies. While those ingredients may still be included in many fantasy novels they are certainly not integral to the overall recipe. A fantasy novel can cover a wide range of areas. A boy who is able to fly or a girl that can teleport to school rather than taking the bus, those ideas could be considered as fantasy.”

The Author CEO

The Author CEO: What is a Writer’s Business Plan

“I read a lot of blog posts written by authors about how to write a timeline or that discuss the formation of an outline, going into every miniscule detail that one could possibly lay out. One post went as deep as drawing out the town, street by street, showing how the town looked and ‘felt’ in the author’s mind. As I pondered this, it hit me that the same concept applies to the development of a business plan. Sadly, from what I hear, most authors will do the writing plan, but skip over the business plan. Too bad, because having a plan for selling their work is just as important as writing a quality piece of literature!”

Terri's Travels: The Best of BritishTerri’s Travels: The Best of British

“Two summers ago, Dave and I travelled to England and Scotland with our daughter, Natalie, and her husband, Chris. Natalie and Chris were in graduate school and couldn’t leave until the semester was over. Dave and I left ahead, giving us a chance to adjust to the time change. Two days after we arrived, Natalie and Chris flew into London, and then took the train to the King’s Cross, where we all met and headed to Edinburgh.”


Reflections on a Birthday

“On Tuesday, a few days earlier than I’d anticipated, we traveled to DC to be with our eldest and her family when she gives birth to our newest granddaughter. We’ve been on baby watch since we arrived. This afternoon, we walked the dirt footpath along the Potomac River, 4 miles in oppressive heat and humidity, then spent the next three hours at the community pool, with Jen’s three little ones, Sammy, 5, Matthew, 4, and Alexandra, 17 months. Tonight I am so exhausted I can hardly keep my eyes open. This is the best kind of exhaustion-bone-tired after a long, happy day spent laughing and playing with children.”


“BlogFlash2012: 1-4 August”

Day One: Thinking

Day Two: A Furry Friend

Day Three: Color

Day Four: Busy

And finally…

A huge thank you to everyone. As part of my birthday celebration I made In Leah’s Wake free on Amazon for two days. The book made the top 50 in the free charts in both US and UK. I can’t thank you enough for this amazing support!


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