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#BlogFlash2012: Day Two – A Furry Friend

A Furry Friend

I sat there for a long time, savouring this rare moment of clarity and … its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility. – William Wordsworth.

Once, in Ireland, I conversed with sheep.

The flock, grazing on a meadow, must have been 200 strong. As I stood by the fence, I made eye contact with an elder. Feeling strangely rude, I said, “bahhh.” He returned my greeting and–my husband and daughters watching, amused–I replied in kind. This time, a few others joined in. Soon, we were a chorus of hundreds of voices, high and low, young and old.

Wordsworth’s ‘moment of clarity’ had always eluded me. Now, for a few brief moments, I felt it–in communion with nature, in communion, it felt, with God.

Word count: 101

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