A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.

John Ruskin


26 Days of KindnessThis month I’m co-hosting 26 Days of Kindness with The Indie Exchange, inspired by Ann Curry’s #26Acts. Though many people have chosen to keep their acts private or only share them on the Facebook event page, I’ve been thrilled at the response. Many of the acts are simple and small, showing just how easy it is to be kind. All show an incredible spirit of generosity.

Kindness does make a difference to someone’s day, as I experienced recently.

On Monday night, I was walking across campus after class. I’d worn heels, which I don’t often do, and my feet ached, so I took off my shoes. Dave was picking me up, and I was headed to the gate to meet him. A car stopped as I was walking. I assumed the driver wanted to ask a question. Instead, the lovely woman rolled down her window, and said–“may I drive you someplace? I know how it feels to have aching feet. I’ve been in that same position (taking off her shoes). Wherever you’re going, I’ll drive you.”

Thank youI didn’t have far to go, so I thanked her and let her know I was almost at my destination. But I was, and still am, amazed that she noticed my shoes and cared enough to bother stopping. It may have been a small gesture, but her empathy gave me such a boost! It was such a wonderful way to connect. It made my day. I’m still smiling.

How has an unexpected act improved your day or someone else’s?