Thank you so much to everyone joining me today for the Valentine’s Day Hop! I hope you’ll be able to return again over the next few days for the For the Love of Love event, where authors will be sharing their thoughts and work!

For the Love of Love: People Who Need People

This Valentine’s Day week the trial begins for a Massachusetts boy, now 20 years-old (then 18), indicted for murdering his 18-year-old girlfriend and dumping her body in a marsh. The teens, both apparently from good families, had met and begun dating their freshman year in high school. The defense is said to be preparing an insanity plea. A breakup caused the boy’s insanity? How can love turn so horribly wrong? I sense in cases like this profound loneliness, disconnection from humanity.

Busy crowdIn our busy, technologically connected world constant movement is the norm. We’re always running, striving, working, separated by circumstance, or sometimes choice, from the close-knit family, neighborhood, and religious communities that once gave us purpose, held us together. Today, our relationships are largely transient, based on utility or pleasure-lower-level relationships, Aristotle tells us-easily fractured.

In the wonderful 60s film Funny Girl, Fanny sings a poignant song called ‘People Who Need People.’