If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to take a Master Class with a bestselling author, now is your chance to find out! Terri is presenting one of four insightful and invaluable courses at this year’s New England Crime Bake.

Indie, Traditional or Hybrid: Which Publishing Option is Right for You?

Today, self-published books routinely hit major bestseller lists, offering authors viable publishing options unimaginable just a few years ago. Rather than invest all their resources in traditional publishing, savvy authors now evaluate each project individually, in light of their personal objectives as well as career and financial goals, and choose the option that best suits their needs. Along with traditional houses, current publishing methods consist of a variety of self-publishing options, including DIY platforms, self-publishing partnerships, and, for self-publishers who’d prefer a publishing house experience, hybrid subsidy presses. With so many choices, how do you know which is right for you?

This class will offer an overview of the various publishing methods and provide a framework for evaluating choices, from both individual and industry perspectives. Discussion will address practical considerations, such as finances—potential earnings as well as the costs to produce and market a self-published book—risk, work flow, time commitments, and professional rewards. This class is for unpublished writers deciding how to move forward with their work and for published authors considering adding a new publishing platform. Terri Giuliano Long is the author of the awarding-winning indie-published novel, In Leah’s Wake, a USA Today bestseller. She taught writing at Boston College for seventeen years, before leaving recently to focus on her writing.

The class is limited to just 50 participants, so if you’re attending the Crime Bake, be sure to sign up sooner rather than later and reserve your spot.

New England Crime Bake 2014