The habits we should adopt as writers are often discussed. Should we write daily? To a word count? Morning, afternoon or evening? Is coffee your fuel? Tea? Maybe even whiskey?

Bid4papers has released a cool infographic this week looking at the different habits of famous writers. Here’s what they have to say about it:

This infographic is a jokoserious attempt to show you that daily routines, habits and inspiration of famous writers vary vastly. Furthermore, writers were led to the same rituals by different circumstances. They lived in different times and had a different mentality. Sounds like a dead end, right? But let’s try to look at these habits from a rational point of view.

I recommend stopping by their post for a fuller look at why writing at night might benefit some writers, a fun look at some of the stranger habits of famous writers, plus some tips on developing your own routine.

Interested on posting this on your own blog? Head on over to the Bid4Papers blog for the embed code.