As an author, educator and book lover, books are incredibly important to me. I’m amazed – and excited – by how much our book discovery methods are changing every day. It’s never been as easy to get a great book recommendation or find a new read, and I love that challenges like #bookadayuk connect me with like-minded readers every day. This week I found out Donna Brown had posted about a new iOS app, bookmarq, and she kindly agreed to share the Q&A with bookmarq. What I love most of all is that bookmarq is so open to feedback and hearing people’s thoughts. This is a great opportunity for book lovers to help shape something new!

1. What can you tell us about bookmarq? Why should readers use it?

Bookmarq is a peer-based book discovery platform. Whereas Goodreads aims to connect authors to readers, we focus on connecting readers to other readers. Our goal is to help you find book suggestions from your friends and influencers, not algorithms or advertisements. Readers should use it if they’d like to catalog their books with a beautiful user interface, and have the ability to follow friends, and be followed by others.

2. Design is obviously very important. What key ideas did you have in mind when designing bookmarq?

Design is one of our core values. I came up with the idea for bookmarq when I realized that it was very difficult to connect with my friends over books, or find book suggestions from my influencers. Yet, I could do just that through photos on Instagram, or music through Spotify. I discovered Goodreads soon after, but it was difficult for myself to get to use it. We designed and architected our app to make it easier to connect with friends and influencers. Emphasizing a visual experience, we increased the size of the book covers, and make it easier to navigate through the app.


bookmarq: “Design is one of our core values.”

3. What features does bookmarq have and what are you hoping to implement? Can users import lists from, say, Goodreads?

Yes! Users can import their books from Goodreads when signing up. Because we are still very early stage, we are limiting our features to make sure we “get it right”. Eventually, we plan on creating groups that people can join, and even a way to keep up on your reading habits! There’s a lot coming in the next few months.

Being an early stage startup, your feedback is very important to us. It will literally help shape the product to your liking! If you have any questions, comments, or rants, please feel free to send them our way. You can download the app through our home page.

About bookmarq
Book suggestions from your friends and influencers.

Do you ever want to know what books your friends, influencers are reading? Now you can. Create a profile, and log the books that you’ve read, you’re currently reading, and books you want to read in the future! From there, create stacks from books you love, see your friends’ favorite books.

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Over to you

What would you like to see in the bookmarq app? How could it help your book discovery or social reading? Let me know in the comments!