Last week I posted that I’d be appearing on Citywide Blackout. I did, and I had a blast! Three other authors were also interviewed, making for a great two hour show, perfect for book lovers. You can listen to the show below and find out more on Citywide Blackout’s blog. My thanks to Matt and Max, once again, for the opportunity and for the chance to visit the studio!

Show description
Bookworms won’t want to miss this week’s show as we feature four different authors! Fantasy, children’s lit, travel writing, we’ve got it all!

First on the show is Auston Habershaw, who just released his newest book, “The Iron Ring,” and had a short story published in “L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 31.” He talks about the worlds he creates through his books, so vast and expansive that he’s created an entire section on his site dedicated to it.

Next, we’re going international with Krish Krishnan for his book, “Rambles into Sacred Realms.” Krish has traveled across the globe and visited some of the most spiritual sites, which he’s captured through words and artwork. Krish details his many travels and shares some insight into the places he’s visited and what made them so significant to him. Plus, he gives some travel tips for those planning their own journeys.

Author Terri Giuliano Long starts off the second hour to talk about her book, “In Leah’s Wake.” It looks at a teenage girl eager to make her own choices, and the very real results of those decisions. We’ll also preview a new book that Terri has in the works.

Our final interview of the night will be Kathy Brodsky, a children’s author who has written an astonishing eight books. Many have supported charities or touched on important issues. Her books have had some pretty unique origins, and Kathy shares these as well as the details for her upcoming book, “Highwire Act.”