The great people over at Unplag have put together this Christmas quiz to provide some festive brain teasing this holiday season! Here’s what they had to say:

Christmas is one of the most celebrated annual holidays bringing along lots of traditions deep-rooted in the ancient culture. No wonder that so many of us get ready for this special day well in advance as well as we, the Unplag plagiarism checker team, do. For many of us Santa-Google becomes an absolutely essential assistant: You enter requests related to Christmas dishes, party games, gifts, romantic films to watch, etc.

But for this opportunity, you would never know that evergreen holiday trees were worshipped by a lot of pagans, mistletoes were used for winter festivities by the Druids long before Christ was born, or that famous red-leaved plants poinsettias originally come from Mexico.

Have you ever resorted to the Internet for Christmas must-do lists? Obviously, this thing can stand you in good stead to timely cope with holiday chores. Aside from stocking stuffers and holiday menus, you need to take care of leisure time activities too. So, why not add a quiz with the most popular Christmas stories to your list? Unplag created the one especially for you! It’s high time to remember the admired plots and characters and find out if you can guess all of them. Share your score with us!

Unplag Christmas Quiz

 WAIT! Stop scrolling after STORY 10, until you’re ready to check your answers!   

Christmas Quiz Infographic Unplag

Via Unplag

How well did you score on the Christmas quiz?

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays and thank you for visiting the blog. Whatever you are doing over the next few days, may love and happiness surround you. I’ll see you on 28 December – just in time to welcome in the New Year!

Happy Holidays