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In Leah's Wake: Leah Tyler

Leah rips her family apart by choosing her trouble-maker boyfriend over a promising college soccer career.

Although she is only twelve, it’s up to Justine to be the rock as the rest of her family plunges into depression.

When Zoe’s teenage daughter rebels tearing a rift in her perfect family, everything Zoe once held true is questioned.

Jerry’s work as a police officer brings him into frequent contact with the dissolving Tyler family, leading to an intense interest in its matriarch.

Will can’t sit back as his teenage daughter destroys her promising future. Unfortunately, his efforts only push his family further apart.

In Leah's Wake: Todd Corbett

The In Leah’s Wake Crossroads Story Game

How do your decisions impact your life? If you were a character in this novel, would your fate be the same as rebellious teen Leah or trampled peacemaker and concerned mother Zoe? Now you can find out by choosing your own path in the In Leah’s Wake crossroads story game. First choose who you’d like to be. You can take the official character quiz to see who you’re most like.