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As a therapist I found this novel to not only be a page turner, but an accurate description of what can happen when our youth are pushed too hard, parents stop communicating, and the family system breaks down. This book has the potential to wake up families who are on the verge of disaster. It is well written and the characters are believable and personable; as real as the neighbor next door.

Susan Salluce, Author Out of Breath


I found ‘In Leah’s Wake’ to be a powerful portrait of some of today’s family problems. The overworked parents, the confused teenager running away from the crushing expectations of her elders, the young girl coming into age in a difficult, dysfunctional environment, these are all themes we find discussed on the news, in books and in movies every day, and I enjoyed Terri’s storytelling and her approach to each character.

Ninfa’s Bookaholics Factor


IN LEAH’S WAKE will haunt you for a long time after reading the pages it will make you question everything you think you know about teenagers and their rebellious times IN LEAH’S WAKE is perfect for all ages and especially for families that have teens or are wanting to have children should read this first to get a better understanding of a life of a teen.

Gothicals Book Reviews


As a mom, I felt what Zoe felt. It tore my heart out to see the promise of a child being being replaced with the nightmare of reality… I’m adding Terri Giuliano Long to my list of authors I want to be stranded with.



Terri made sure to keep you turning the page and wanting to know more. You felt for the kids in the story, and you wonder why the parents let things go to far.

-News and Reviews from the Heart of the Dragons Den-


Have you ever gotten to read a book that you could barely put down and that stays with you long after? Ii have and In Leah’s Wake is one such book.



I know this is a work of fiction, but wow, it parallels the real lives of parents, children, and lives in general. It is very easy to identify with various characters and their personality traits or lack thereof.

Sapphyria’s Book Reviews


In Leah’s Wake is beautifully written and I was enraptured with the story. I was a fairly rebellious teenager myself, so this novel really did hit close to home for me.

Book Savvy Babe


I found myself turning page after page, desperately clinging to hope that all would work out in the end. In truth, I lost a little bit of sleep reading this book, as I read it cover to cover in one sitting. It is rare that a book holds me that captive.

-L.M. Stull-


The family that seems like they have it all together can be very dysfunctional. No matter what your profession, when your family is having problems, everyone in the family is affected.

Sandra Styles, The Musings of a Book Addict


Readers are left to find out if Leah will ever recover, if Will and Zoe’s marriage will hold, and whether Justine will follow in Leah’s wake. An interesting read.

Tracey Baptiste, Knitting with Pencils


I have read a lot of books in the past on raising teens who rebel against their parents, but I have never read a book so close to home before…Terri’s way of telling this story is superb, compelling, and leaves a huge impact on you.

Natalie Hillier, Purple Jelly Bean Chair Reviews


The past teenager in me related to the fact that Leah truly thought that she knew best and thought she had a mature response to this situation, when the mom in me kept cringing, and yes, even wanted to shout at her, ‘Wake up, girl! Get back on track!’

Jennifer Donovan, 5 Minutes for Books


In Leah’s Wake takes you on that roller coaster of life… Kudos to Ms. Giuliano Long on a job well done writing a book worthy of your shelf space.

Matilda, Coffee Time Romance & More


What Long does best is to nudge us to recognize ourselves. To remind us that we were there once, too. We were young. We wanted our independence, and sometimes that need drove us to some desperate measures, some dead end roads, and some destructive relationships.

-Jennifer Orozco, Lit Endeavors-


Leah’s splash in the rebellion pond causes a tsunami through her entire family… If you plan to be a parent, read this first. It’s a succinct guide of what NOT to do.

Sharon Gerlach, Writer Unleashed


I’m hoping that Long will write another book about this family; I’m not ready to let go of them, just as they are not willing to give up on each other, no matter how dysfunctional they have become.

Michele Strangis Stefanides, Life is Short: Write it All Down


Long takes familiar issues to new depths, adding in the instability of marriage, the economy and it’s affects on the members of the family. As in real life, nothing about this family is neat or easy.

Tilbechick, Books and More


With such thoughtful characterization and beautifully woven prose, the reader may find it difficult to believe that ‘In Leah’s Wake’ is Terri Giuliano Long’s debut novel.

-Emlyn Chand, Novel Publicity’s Blog-


I found I knew variations of the story from real life experiences when I was younger. There is someone in the story everyone can find a way to relate to.

MaryBeth Mulhall, Keystrokes & Word Counts


The story draws you in with a great hook in the first chapter and keeps you on your toes, wondering “is this it, is then when the other shoe drops?”

-Coral Russell, Alchemy of Scrawl-


There isn’t a single moment when you realize you truly care about these characters, rather you unconsciously knew it all along.

-Rachel Giesel, Writing Wonder-


I think we all have been in Leah’s shoes… A great book for teenagers, parents, and or anyone.

-Xchyler Conn, Mystic Thoughts-


I give “In Leah’s Wake” 5 stars and recommend reading to anyone with tweens. Although it is fiction, this book can be a great reference for parenting teenagers.

Monica Madsen, A Mother’s Touch Bookshelf


No one reading this can remain untouched or unmoved, yet it’s not depressing by a long shot – it’s just alive and desperate as she peels the skin off the values in family life.

Susan Roebuck, author of Perfect Score


The characters and the story keep the reader intrigued and not wanting to put the book down. This novel shows that the choices we make have a domino effect on others.

Barbara Hightower, Bab’s Book Bistro


In a study on human perspective and condition, Long creates a painfully realistic picture of a disintegrating family, showing that a well-rounded viewpoint doesn’t always lack edge.

Emily Rae Robles, The Paradoxymoron


I connected with the mother, Zoe. Her battles with depression, will to give her children a better life, and doubts about her marriage, all struck a chord with me.

-Rebecca Boucher, My Life with Books and Boys-


Ms. Long leaves the reader with the sense that even through the worst storms that can happen within a family, there is a possibility of redemption for them all.

Paula Tohline Calhoun, Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror


I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about the different challenges facing today’s teenage population.

Jodi Milner, My Literary Quest


As an author myself I appreciate the ability to use multiple points of view in a novel. Mrs. Long did an amazing job utilizing this obvious talent. A book to read, share, then read again.

Bri Clark, author of The Familial Witch


A good book should have plenty to teach you about life. A very good book will have plenty to teach you about writing. This is one of those rare books that manages to do both.

Haley Stokes, Senior Editor at Arch Editing


Long shows the extreme side of the dangers that can happen within the family unit; she does it in a way that keeps the reader turning the pages… Worth every second spent reading it.

Courtney Conant, author of The Blood Moon of Winter


I tried to explain this book to my partner. I kept saying, ‘I loved it. Don’t know why, just loved it.’ Perhaps, in the end, I found it redemptive, not just for Leah, but for the entire family.

Susan Landis Stuard, author of Blind Leading the Blind


Terri pulled at my heartstrings so much, the story became personal. My identity started to intertwine with Zoe Tyler. Her voice echoed in my head, the same as so many other moms.

Emily Okaty Wilson, My Pajama Days


When I realized the book dealt with relationships, I panicked. I thought: Real men don’t read books about families in distress, do they? But by that time, Terri already had me hooked.

Dax MacGregor, First Manuscript


An excellent novel for teenagers and parents alike, to read and discuss issues perhaps to prevent such problems in their family. It may help people feel less alone in their adversity.

Denise Duvernay, The Geek Magnet

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