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#BlogFlash2012: Day Eight – Relaxing


early 15c., “to make (something) less compact or dense,” from O.Fr. relaxer (14c.), from L. relaxare “relax, loosen, open,” from re- “back” (see re-) + laxare “loosen,” from laxus “loose” (see lax). Of persons, attested from 1837, “to become less formal;” meaning “to become less tense” is recorded from 1935.


1520s, ‘remission of a burden or penalty,’ L. relaxationem (nom. relaxatio), noun of action from pp. stem of relaxare (see relax). Meaning ‘relief from hard work or ordinary cares’ is from 1540s

RelaxingTonight, as my eldest daughter, having delivered a baby girl at 7:30 this evening, relaxes in the earliest, 15th century, sense of the word-loose, open, 7 pounds, 1 ounce less dense-I relax in the latter, relieved that mother and child are both doing well. With baby’s siblings asleep, I’m relaxing in the 16th century sense of the word as well-until the little ones wake in the morning, that is, and I return to the demanding, but wonderful work of caring for children.

Classic Matthew (4) –

‘What do you hope Mommy has, Matthew?’

Matthew looks up, grinning. ‘A fish.’

Word count: 101

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