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#BlogFlash2012: Day Seventeen – Graveyard


There was a graveyard adjacent to my elementary school. At recess, we’d sometimes see a burial, a priest and family members gathered under a tent. My grandfather, who’d passed away when I was in the first grade, was buried in that graveyard, and I often found myself staring at the gravestones in wonder. Who lay in the grave marked by the largest stone? The smallest? The flat stones with barely legible print?

Today, I cannot pass a graveyard on foot without walking through. Graveyards tell us volumes-in the size and style of the stones, the words printed on their face, the bodies buried together and loved ones separated after their death, the ages and life spans of the deceased. Through their burial markings the dead speak to us, drawing us together in our humanity, the urgent voices of the past pulling us into the future.

Word count: 146

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