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#BlogFlash2012: Day Twenty Four – In the Woods


In the WoodsAlone in the woods behind our rented condo in northern New Hampshire, I encountered a black bear.

I was younger, in decent shape, and black bears are not aggressive-the last anyone was killed by a New Hampshire black bear was in 1784; still, I was scared. Earlier, Dave and I had spotted several cubs in the woods. I didn’t see any cubs now, but if they were nearby and this was their mother, I was in trouble.

When confronted by a bear, it’s best to back away slowly. For several long seconds, I stood, unable to move, watching her at the river. The bear turned, rising to her feet. She had to be six or seven feet tall.

When she made eye contact, I felt my pulse rise. Terrified, I took a wobbly step backward.

Bored, she turned away-her presence a stark reminder to respect the inhabitants of the woods.

Word count: 152


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