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#BlogFlash2012: Day Twenty – Sports

SportsExcept as a spectator, I’ve never had much interest in sports. A lefty inadvertently turned righty in kindergarten, I have a miserable sense of direction. I also have poor spatial awareness, neither of which bodes well for an athlete. In school, shoulders hunched in shrinking embarrassment, I was always the last person picked for teams.

Who would have guessed that the birth of our first grandson would tease out my inner athlete? I, who’d never played softball at a picnic (unless pushed), suddenly found myself, on cool autumn nights, pitching ball after ball to an eighteen-month-old baby in diapers. Now that Sam’s 5, my athletic prowess no match for his, I’ve been relegated to the sidelines. Only now I stand tall-for love of a child, I played.

Word count: 128

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