While I love social media and I’m grateful to have met and connected with so many wonderful people, over the last few months I’ve become more and more aware of the need to occasionally turn off the streams. The wise and lovely M.J. Rose wrote eloquently about this in recent post called ‘Social Media Suicide‘ for Writer Unboxed. She writes:

 . . . it’s important to stop every once in a while and take stock of the time we have and judge how we want to spend it. Our writing time, the time we spend reading, going to movies, museums, eating, cooking, seeing family and friends-all our recharging time is precious. We need to nourish ourselves and our craft.

In honor of Labor Day weekend, I’ve decided to celebrate the hard work we all do-authors, bloggers, and all those who participate in building and sustaining the publishing community-by taking three days off to spend time with my family.

I hope you have a relaxing, fun holiday weekend! I look forward to seeing you in September!

Warmest wishes,


Labor Day