Writing Prompt: The Writer’s Voice

This presentation is all about the writer’s voice and how important its effective use is in creating compelling fiction.

What is Voice?

  • The “sound” of a person speaking to reader
    • Writer has many voices
  • The way the writer sees things/world view
  • Point of view or vantage point/narrative filter
    • First person—I
      • Present, part of the action
      • Can be solipsistic
    • Second person—you
      • Actor in a drama or how-to (You’re at Wallmart. You look around, overwhelmed by the size of the store. You don’t know where to begin. . .)
      • Experimental voice can be quirky, may be off-putting
    • Third person—he or she
      • Objective

Natural Voice

  • Voice is affected by:
    • Family
    • Ethnic heritage
    • Region
    • Culture
    • Educational background

The Writer’s Voice

  • An effective voice is tuned to:
    • Message
    • Purpose
    • Story or topic
    • Reader

The Elements of Voice

  • Tone & Diction
    • Conveys attitude toward subject and audience
  • Style
    • Distinctive way writer uses language
      • Alter simplicity or formality of sentences
  • Structure
    • The internal logic or piece; relationship among parts
      • Linear, intuitive, parallel
  • Values
    • Political, social, religious, philosophical, etc.
  • Authority
    • Knowledge, self-confidence, control