I’m excited to be joining in with The Indie Exchange’s #FlashFiveFriday event. The premise is very simple: five minutes flash blogging or flash fiction based on a prompt set by The Indie Exchange each week. This week the prompt is Generosity.

The Guidelines

#FlashFiveFriday is a weekly flash fiction/flash blogging prompt.

The rules are very simple if you’d like to take part:

1) Write for no longer than five minutes
2) No upper or lower word limits
3) You must write something new
4) You can prepare your post ahead of time but the 5 minute limit still applies
5) If you add your blog post to the weekly linky (found at The Indie Exchange) you must visit five other blogs that week too to show your support


#FlashFiveFriday: Generosity


#FlashFiveFriday - Generosity

While I admire people who give financial support, money or gifts, to good causes, generosity of spirit-acceptance, tolerance, compassion-truly impresses me. Because, damn it, it’s hard.

This election has ratcheted tensions already escalated by economic and other frustrations, the spirit stingy, parsimonious. Partisans on both sides treat the opposition with derision and disdain. As a mother, I hope for a better world for my children, their children, the children of all mothers. I want to believe that, together, we can build a better future. I want to believe that we can find our best selves, that, together, we can be a kinder, gentler-yes, a more generous world.