For the Love of LoveI’m so blessed to have many friends who are talented writers and are willing to share their work. This week and next, I’ve asked several to join me in the For the Love of Love event. They will be sharing both thoughts on love and a sample of their work. I’m so thrilled to have this opportunity to showcase them and hope you will enjoy getting to know them all a little better!

Today, my good friend and fellow author Pandora Poikilos joins me. Pandora is the author of multiple titles, including Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out and Frequent Traveller. She is also the founder of the wonderful Orangeberry Book Tours.

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He’s Not My Lover, He’s My Soulmate

In an era where superficiality reigns and sincerity is forced to take a backseat, a relationship that survives for that long is as rare as a four leaf clover. How does a soulmate change your life? Let me tell you.

He doesn’t announce his arrival and sneaks into your life packaged as someone you’d never expect. You’ll want to push him away, even pick fights so he’ll change his mind about you. He’ll persevere. And he’ll win. But you haven’t lost, you’ve gained – a friend, a lover and a soulmate.

He’ll be waiting for you when the doctors are done putting a tube in your brain, reminding you that brain surgery is not a walk in the park but a journey he’ll take with you. It doesn’t matter that you look worse than the stray cat you saw by the bin, he’ll still call you gorgeous and he’ll still love you, even more.

Rest assured, a soulmate is not the the person who will complete you. Even if he has to carry you from one lesson to another, he’ll make sure you learn to complete yourself. He’ll let you be your own person but he’ll be the one standing next to you, whatever the situation.

You will grow with every lesson he has taught you to the point that when God calls you home, you’ll leave with the sense of achievement that you’ve given life your best save for a few regrets. You’ll rest with the gift that so many crave and only a few are blessed enough to receive, unconditional love. Love and light.

Pandora PoikilosInternational best-selling author, Pandora Poikilos has been writing for more than 10 years for various media which include newspapers, radio, television and various websites.

A social media enthusiast who is passionate about blogging and finding her way around the virtual world, she wills away time in the real world by reading, writing and people watching.

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Frequent Traveller - Pandora PoikilosCatherine Dixon is everyone’s dreamgirl. Girls want to be her. Men want to be with her. From her charming smile to her gentle voice, one always turns to take a second look at Cathy. Wherever she goes there isn’t an ill word spoken about her. Her job as Vice President of Communications at MoonStar, one of the world’s top hotel chains is to make sure guests are happy to the point of perfection. From the blue oceans of Antigua to the bustling streets of Vietnam, the racing adrenaline at the Green Hell, the devastating natural disaster in Japan and the stunning architecture in Germany, Cathy finds herself in a whirlwind of fine dining, plush clothes and sheer extravagance. But is perfection a mask for untold disaster? In a job that deals so much with people, Cathy goes home to an empty bed. There are no pictures on her wall, no doting phone calls from a tongue tied lover and no family holidays to boast about. What is Cathy’s secret and how will her world change when the world knows? What is the significance of the blue pendant round her neck? Who is the mysterious man she is seen with every three months? What are the contents of the brown envelope delivered to her on the fifteenth of every month? Will her secrets ever catch up with her or will Cathy continue to sail alongside perfection in the world she has created for herself as a Frequent Traveller?


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