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#BlogFlash2013: Day Fourteen – House: Spring Cleaning (Tech Style)

#BlogFlash2013 (March): Day 14 - HomeEvery spring my mother tore our house apart, cleaning every nook and cranny. Throughout the year, a fastidious housekeeper, she cleaned a room or section of the house each day. Beds were always made, dust bunnies vanquished. Floors were vacuumed and washed; kitchen and baths sparkled. In the spring, she went to town, cleaning windows, organizing closets, cleaning upholstery, and rearranging furniture.

If I were as meticulous with technology as my mother with our house, my life would (I imagine) be a lot less stressful.

No, when it comes to my technological life, I could be featured on Hoarders: Buried Alive.

I definitely need to get my spring cleaning head on. Where should I start? What’s on your spring cleaning list?

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