Welcome to the second BlogFlash event! The first (#BlogFlash2012) was so well received that we decided to run it twice yearly. It’s a great opportunity to get creative, meet other bloggers and get a new audience. Whether you join us for the full month or just a few days, the main aim is to have fun and be inspired. Anything else is a bonus. Worried about word count? Don’t be! It’s a guideline so the month doesn’t feel overwhelming but if you feel inspired to write more, feel free. Good luck!

#BlogFlash2013: Day Six – Island

They met on the island, he a strong, grey-eyed islander, she a petite redheaded nursery school teacher.

Mornings, while he gave tennis lessons, she lounged by the pool under the sizzling tropical sun. Afternoons, they drank margaritas and waded in the bubbling surf. At night, they made love in the dunes.

The fifth day, they drove to the rugged northern tip of the island. Twenty-foot waves rose from the roiling shark-infested sea and pummeled the coast.

‘Do you ever get island sick?’ Siri asked.

‘Never,’ Jackson replied.

The days went on and the nights continued to sing.

By the seventh morning, she felt the call of home. What a wonderful time this had been! But she missed the children, the sensible rhythm of her days. Time to go back.

That night, he fixed dinner in his father’s battered hut in the north-sea bream-mojo picon with papas arrugadas and French wine, luscious mango and honey rum for dessert. They drank bottles of expensive champagne and danced under the moon.

The next morning, when the tour group looked for her at the airport, Siri was gone.

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