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#BlogFlash2013: Day Ten – Time

#BlogFlash2013 (March): Day 10 - Time

One day, British physicist Stephen Hawking believes, when we’re able to build a vehicle that can travel at high enough speeds, it will be possible to travel in time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit a loved one who’s passed or the person whose life or philosophies shaped us? Or travel forward to see how the future plays out?

The problem with altering the fourth dimension is, of course, the butterfly effect. Any mark we leave in the past would necessarily alter the future. Perhaps the same would occur with travel into the future; assuming time is fluid, changing an outcome would affect the cause. Travel into the past, according to Hawking, is physically impossible.  And herein lies the precisely problem: once we’ve gone forward-or once we’ve changed any circumstance in time-it is impossible to go back.

I’m neither brave nor daring; for me, an inability to return would be a dealbreaker. What about you?

Time Travel

Time Travel: Movies and Books

Here are award-winning columnist Dave Astor’s favorite time travel books (Huffington Post).

Here, from Metacritic, is a list of the best and worst time travel movies. The list was created in 2010, before the release of Looper-a wonderful, character-driven film about time travel.

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