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Excerpt: The Author CEO: Review Accelerator Programs: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by Naomi Blackburn

Recently, Donna Brown sent me a link to a new product on the market—a review accelerator program that drills Amazon reviewer profiles to develop a list of potential reviewers. Two things came to mind as I looked at the product. First, the concept fascinated me as I found it to be an excellent product if used correctly. Problem is, I suspect that most authors simply follow program recommendations rather than using the tool wisely.  Second, it explained a whole lot of spam review requests I have been receiving.

The Author CEO

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I think I can speak for most, if not all, reviewers when I say I hate getting spam review requests. Normally, after reading the first sentence I pitch such requests into my garbage can. If the author hasn’t taken the time to identify who I am as a reviewer, why would I read his/her book?  Not to mention, why would any author send his/her book to someone who doesn’t want to read it?

Donna also sent a link to a post detailing the horror story of an author who paid a huge price for an error in judgment. The author utilized a mail merge program to send out review requests; due to a “serious malfunction,” multiple requests were sent to each recipient. Reviewers reported her to Amazon; labeled a spammer, the author lost her ranking, damaging or possibly even ending her entire writing career.

It is important that authors recognize that these programs are tools as opposed to the end all; authors should control the program, not be at their mercy. Let me give a sales example. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Sales Management programs/databases are commonly used in business. These databases give sales professionals a way to generate and house customer information, plus the ability to drill down into data to make smart business decisions based on data gathered from the program. By no means do sales/business professionals take information generated by the reports as gospel. Further research, analysis, and application criteria are considered in order to avoid costly business mistakes.

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Have Your Say…

Authors: Have you used review accelerator programs to find lists of reviewers? Do you mail them individually or send bulk emails? What has worked best for you?

Reviewers: What do you think about these programs? How do you respond to bulk emails? Does an individualized pitch make you feel more inclined to review?


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