The infographic, wonderfully illustrated by Emma Block, shares some of the greatest words of love from around the world. The words may not translate easily but the sentiments certainly do!

Here’s the description from

Vashi & illustrator Emma Block have collaborated to create a love story based on ‘untranslatable words’ from across the world. What do we mean by untranslatable words? Well, for example: Koi no yokan (Japanese): The feeling you get when you meet someone and know you are destined to fall in love. (Nope – its not the same as love at first sight!) Oodal (Tamil): The sulking which lovers do after an argument (Yup – I know that one well…)

I hope you enjoy this lovely infographic as much as I have!

Untranslatable Words of Love

From Visually.

Which of these untranslatable words is your favorite?