For today’s post – 36 Tips for a Better 2016 – the fantastic people over at Personal Creations are sharing their great ideas for setting manageable goals. What will be your goals for 2016?

Infographic: 36 Tips for a Better 2016

Each year many folks start off by setting some resolutions, or goals they want to reach by the end of next December. Of course it would be nice to drop 20 pounds or become super successful at work, or get rich, but did you know only about eight percent of people actually achieve what they set out to do? That’s quite amazing, but why is the number so low?

Perhaps people just set goals that are too high, or too abstract. Maybe the goals aren’t something they can really see progress towards each day so at some point along the way they just give up. Goals are a great thing to have, but setting actionable, manageable ones go a long way towards achieving what you set out to do.

Personal Creations made a chart of 36 easy, manageable tips people can do each day to slowly reach their goals. They are very small tasks that you can start adding to your daily routine until it amounts to good habits and eventually bigger goals. Check them out below:

Tips for a Better 2016

36 Tips for a Better 2016 (via Personal Creations)