Week of Holiday Wellness - Welcome from Terri Giuliano Long

Welcome to our Week of Holiday Wellness!

Writing the Christmas story I shared on Thursday, I thought about the ways memory shapes and defines our experiences of people and events. If memory shapes our perceptions of others, then our actions shape their perceptions as well. Asking questions about memory forces us to ask how we want to be remembered and, in a deeper sense, what kind of life we want to lead.

This week I have been pleased and honored to host four wonderful writers and friends, each of whom, through his or her words and actions, leads a life informed by kindness and generosity of spirit. Over these past few days, they’ve offered their unique perspectives on wellness and wellbeing, and offered helpful advice for staying physically and emotionally healthy through the holiday season.

Please join the conversation – share your own tips and advice in the comments section! If a post has moved you, please consider sharing with your family and friends. Thank you so much!

Week of Holiday Wellness - Holiday Health Tips

Today, I’m honored to welcome our special guest, the lovely and talented Bari Ramirez. In April 2015, I ruptured a disc; a month later, I still couldn’t walk to the end of our driveway without assistance. Once I was medically cleared to exercise, I began training with Bari. Her enthusiasm and positive energy motivated me to work hard and stick with the program, and she took great care to ensure that every exercise was beneficial and safe. Today, thanks to Bari, I’m stronger, healthier, and more fit than I’ve been in over a decade. Her motivating exercise video along with her practical, encouraging advice will help you, too, stay fit and healthy through the holidays.


Holiday Health Tips

by Bari Ramirez

Body by Bari’s Boost

Bari’s Holiday Health Tips (Slideshow)

Holiday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - ExerciseHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Stay HydratedHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Avoid High Fat DishesHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Limit AlcoholHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Choose Bread or StuffingHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Eat SlowlyHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Avoid CheeseHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Dessert in moderationHoliday Health Tips - Bari Ramirez - Get enough sleep

Week of Holiday Wellness - About Bari Ramirez

Holiday Health Tips - Bari RamirezBari Ramirez is a fitness expert. In the industry since 1990, she is the owner of Body by Bari, established in 2008. Bari is certified in small group training, personal training, and group fitness. She loves working with clients, and is often told she’s a wonderful, creative instructor. An experienced wellness coach, she helps clients achieve health and happiness through coaching, education, and support, and provides fitness instruction for older adults as well as M.E.C.A. wedge training to help clients improve the health of their lower back. Bari enjoys working with people with special needs, making fun videos, and participating in community-based projects.

Week of Holiday Wellness - Body by Bari

Body by Bari creates positive lifestyle changes for clients through fitness instruction, personal training, and wellness coaching, education, and support. Body by Bari offers a variety of fitness classes for large and small groups— from high intensity workouts to isolated stations, focusing on cardio, strength, and stress reduction, to no-to-low-impact water aerobics classes, focused on flexibility. Bari believes in the power of enthusiasm and positive thinking, and has built her business with a focus on proper form and safety and achieving results with her clients. Bari has just completed a Body by Bari video series, promoting exercise, happiness, and stress reduction. Click on the link for some great holiday tips: http://holidayhealthnow.com

Holiday Health Tips - Thank You

Many thanks to each of you who took the time to visit and read our posts on holiday wellness. Time is fleeting, rarely more so than during the busy holiday season, and we’re grateful for every moment you’ve given to us. A special thanks to all of you who’ve shared our posts on your own networks. By sharing, you’ve helped us connect with others; for that, too, we are deeply grateful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Week of Holiday Wellness, and that you’ll stop by again. Watch for news in the coming months! In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful, healthy holiday season!

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