Bestsellers' Sandbox: Terri Giuliano Long and Ann Pearlman

Terri Giuliano Long, author of In Leah's Wake

Ann Pearlman, author of A Gift for My SisterFrom 19th to 21st September award-winning bestseller Terri Giuliano Long and Pulitzer prize nominee Ann Pearlman will be joining together to share their experiences of different publishing journeys.

In celebration of this great event, Ann and Terri are also giving away paperback copies of their novels, plus a Kindle Fire!  See below for details of how to get involved and enter this great giveaway.


Join these two authors for the following events:

September 19th – Round Table Discussion on the Novel Publicity Blog

September 20th at 2PM EST – Blog Talk Radio show with Ann and Terri

September 21st – Blog Swaps

  • Ann Pearlman will visit The Art & Craft of Writing Creatively to discuss her new title ‘A Gift for My Sister’
  • Terri Giuliano Long will visit Ann Pearlman’s blog to discuss her bestselling literary fiction novel ‘In Leah’s Wake’

September 21st – Twitter View at 4PM EST using hashtag #AuthorSandbox


The Books




A Gift For My Sister - Ann Pearlman
Ann Pearlman’s The Christmas Cookie Club enthralled readers everywhere with a heartwarming and touching story about the power of female friendship. Now, in A Gift for My Sister, she once again explores the depth of the human heart, and this time it’s through the eyes of two sisters. Tara and Sky share a mother, but aside from that they seem to differ in almost every way. When a series of tragedies strikes, they must somehow come together in the face of heartbreak, dashed hopes, and demons of the past. The journey they embark on forces each woman to take a walk in the other’s shoes and examine what sisterhood really means to them. It’s a long road to understanding, and everyone who knows them hopes these two sisters can find a way back to each other.




In Leah's Wake - Terri Giuliano Long
At the heart of the seemingly perfect Tyler family stands sixteen-year-old Leah. Her proud parents are happily married, successful professionals. Her adoring younger sister is wise and responsible beyond her years. And Leah herself is a talented athlete with a bright collegiate future. But living out her father’s lost dreams, and living up to her sister’s worshipful expectations, is no easy task for a teenager. And when temptation enters her life in the form of drugs, desire, and a dangerously exciting boy, Leah’s world turns on a dime from idyllic to chaotic to nearly tragic.


As Leah’s conflicted emotions take their toll on those she loves-turning them against each other and pushing them to destructive extremes-In Leah’s Wake powerfully explores one of fiction’s most enduring themes: the struggle of teenagers coming of age, and coming to terms with the overwhelming feelings that rule them and the demanding world that challenges them. Terri Giuliano Long’s skillfully styled and insightfully informed debut novel captures the intensely personal tragedies, victories, and revelations each new generation faces during those tumultuous transitional years. Recipient of multiple awards and honors, In Leah’s Wake is a compelling and satisfying reading experience with important truths to share-by a new author with the voice of a natural storyteller and an unfailingly keen understanding of the human condition: at every age.



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