The Literary World Trip starts tomorrow and I want to extend my thanks to all the bloggers and authors who have submitted ‘stops’ for this tour! Perhaps not surprisingly, the bulk of the entries submitted cover USA or UK locations but there’s plenty to celebrate in both these great countries and it’s always a bonus to find out more about both. Nonetheless, I also more than welcome the entries that take us to other far flung places, including Japan, Australia and even Heaven!

If there’s a location you’d love to have seen featured in this trip, don’t worry! It’s highly likely that the Literary World Trip will run again in future. You can sign up to the weekly newsletter here if you’d like to be kept up to date with new posts and events on a regular basis.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these great stops from these wonderful authors and bloggers. Stop by every weekday between now and end July to find out more about the books, authors and bloggers listed below and enter the giveaway.

Literary World Trip: Part I

Literary World Trip: Part II

Literary World Trip: The Americas

Literary World Trip: Americas

Literary World Trip: USA

Week One: July 1st

  • Lynne Cantwell, Dragon’s Web – Kenai Fjords, Alaska, USA
  • Marie Landry, Waiting for the Storm – CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

Week One: July 2nd

  • DJ Swykert, Maggie Elizabeth Harrington – Central Mine, Michigan, USA
  • Julia Harper, Hot – Wisconsin, USA (Submitted by Lois M.)

Week One: July 3rd

  • Zoe Dawson, AfterLife (The Starbuck Chronicles) – Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis, USA
  • Lu J Whitley, BloodMarked – Beverly Shores, Indiana, USA
Week One Recap

Literary World Trip Rapid Recap: Week One #books #bookstagram #litworldtrip

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Week Two: July 6th

  • Valerie J Lewis Coleman, The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box – 360 Restaurant, Embassy Suites, Newport on the Levy in Covington, KY, USA
  • Alison Brunning, Calico – Chillicothe, Ohio, USA

Week Two: July 7th

  • Janice Lane Palko, St Anne’s Day –  40th Street Bridge, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Jill Vialet, Recess Rules – Macomb Street Playground, Washington DC, USA
  • J.P. Sloan, The Curse Servant – Lexington Market, Baltimore, USA

Week Two: July 8th

  • Barbara Ehrentreu, After – Northern Westchester Hospital, Mount Kisco, New York, USA
  • Zoe Dawson, Going to the Dogs – Joe’s Coffee Shop, W 120th Street, New York City, USA
  • Elaine Cougler, The Loyalist’s Wife – “French Castle” at Fort Niagara, New York, USA
  • Deidre Mapstone, Sigrun (Bandamann Saga) – Canandaigua Lake, Canandaigua, New York, USA

Week Two: July 9th

  • NW Moors, The Black Swans – Naples Causeway, Maine, USA
  • Melissa Corliss DeLorenzo, The Mosquito Hours – Gooseberry Island, MA, USA

Week Two: July 10th

  • Nancy Naigle, Life After Perfect – Boot Creek, North Carolina, USA (Submitted by Susie W.)
  • Robin Murphy, Secret of Coffin Island – Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, USA
  • K.K. Allen, The Equinox – Summer Island, Apollo Beach, Florida, USA
Week Two Recap

Literary World Trip Rapid Recap: Week Two #bookstagram #litworldtrip

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Week Three: July 13th

  • Elizabeth Horton-Newton, View From the Sixth Floor – The Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Tim Hemlin, The Wastelanders – The Houston Medical Center, 6400 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas, USA

Week Three: July 14th

  • Luana Ehrlich, One Night in Tehran – Norman, Oklahoma, USA
  • Les Lynam, Saves Nine – Starbucks, 3040 W Broadway Blvd, Sedalia, Missouri, USA

Week Three: July 15th

  • Sarah Ashwood, Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset (Sunset Lands Beyond trilogy) – Colorado, USA
  • David Lee Summers, Owl Dance – La Posta de Mesilla in Mesilla, New Mexico, USA

Week Three: July 16th

  • Chrissy Moon, DayDreamer – Steer ‘N Stein – Hemet, California, USA
  • Kelly Hitchcock, Porttrait of a Woman in Ink – Incredible Pizza, Springfield, USA

Week Three: July 17th

  • Beverly Cleary, Beezus and Ramona – Klickitat Street, Portland, Oregon, USA (Submitted by Katie Fitzgerald)
  • Crystal Walton, Eyes Unveiled – The Coyote Wall & Labyrinth Trail above the Columbia River, USA
Week Three Recap

Literary World Trip Rapid Recap: Week Three #bookstagram #reading #litworldtrip

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Week Four: July 20th

  • J.H. Bográn, Firefall – Hotel Villas Telamar, Tela, Honduras
  • Karin Rita Gastreich, Eolyn – Talamanca Mountain Range, Costa Rica

Literary World Trip: United Kingdom

Literary World Trip: United Kingdom

Week Four: July 21st

  • Louise White, The Calling – Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Arthur Ransome, Swallows and Amazons – The Lake District, United Kingdom (Submitted by Katie Fitzgerald)
  • Ian Barker, One Hot Summer – Middlesborough Railway Station, United Kingdom

Week Four: July 22nd

  • Megan Tayte, Death Wish – Edgcumbe Country Park, Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • CK Dawn, Cloak of Shadows – Porthleven, Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom
  • Donna Brown, Playing House – St Just, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Week Four: July 23rd

  • Kara Jorgensen, The Winter Garden – Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Ichabod Temperance, A Study in Temperance – British Museum, London, United Kingdom
  • Chess Desalls, Travel Glasses – Folkestone Harbour, United Kingdom

Literary World Trip: Europe (excl United Kingdom)

Literary World Trip: Europe  (excl UK)

Week Four: July 24th

  • Hannah Fielding, Indiscretion – Puente de Triana, Seville, Spain
  • Liza Perrat, Wolfsangel – Oradour-sur-Glane, France
  • Kate Breslin, For Such a Time – Terezin in (then) Czechoslovakia
Week Four Recap

Literary World Trip Rapid Recap: Week Four #litworldtrip #bookstagram

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Literary World Trip: Kenya

Literary World Trip: Kenya

Week Five: July 27th

  • Tony Riches, The Shell – Mombasa, Kenya
  • Wangari Maathai, Unbowed, One Woman’s Story – Ihithe village, Nyeri, Kenya (Submitted by Claire McAlpine)

Literary World Trip: Final Stops!

Literary World Trip: Final Stops!

Week Five: July 28th

  • Jonathan Gould, A Fate Worse Than Death – Heaven

Week Five: July 29th

  • Khalid Muhammad, Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office – Pakistan
  • Kim Fay, The Map of Lost Memories – National Museum (formerly Musee Albert Sarraut), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Makoto Shinkai, 5 Centimeters Per Second – Tanegashima Island, Japan (Submitted by David M. Brown)

Week Five: July 30th

  • Iris Blobel, Let Me Love You – St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia
  • Darcy Conroy, As Long As She Lives – St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia

Week Five: July 31st

  • Conclusion and thanks
Week Five Recap

Literary World Trip Rapid Recap: Week Five #bookstagram #litworldtrip

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