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A Week with Jessica Treadway: Quick Quotes

Five Quotes From Lacy Eye

Chosen by Jessica Treadway

Lacy Eye - Jessica Treadway

“He’s perfect, honey,” I told her, of course having no idea how those words would come to haunt me in only a few months.

Lacy Eye - Jessica Treadway

Back then, it was just Dawn and me in the house or the garden much of the time, both feeling safe – secure, not afraid of saying the wrong thing or making a mistake – in the connection between us.

Lacy Eye - Jessica Treadway

We sat with our faces turned up to the sun, taking our friendship for granted because we didn’t know any better, not anticipating – because who would? – the tragedy that would separate us in the end.

Lacy Eye - Jessica Treadway

One of my favorite memories is of the time Joe put one end of a hot dog straight into the dog’s mouth, the other in his own, then raced her as they both ate toward the middle until their noses touched.

Lacy Eye - Jessica Treadway

Throughout the night, I kept jerking awake in a sweat, panicking, certain each time – even though I knew I had only dreamed it – that I’d heard footsteps on the stairs.

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A Week with Jessica Treadway: About Jessica

Jessica Treadway
Jessica Treadway’s novel Lacy Eye was published by Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Books in March 2015. Her story collection Please Come Back To Me received the Flannery O’Connor Award for Short Fiction and was published by University of Georgia Press in 2010. Her previous books are Absent Without Leave and Other Stories and her first novel, And Give You Peace. She is a professor at Emerson College in Boston.

A Week with Jessica Treadway: About Lacy Eye
Published by Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group March 2015:

Lacy Eye

When Hanna and Joe send their awkward daughter Dawn off to college, they hope she will finally “come into her own.” So when Dawn brings her new boyfriend, Rud, to her sister’s wedding, her parents try to suppress their troubling impressions of him for Dawn’s sake. Not long after, Hanna and Joe suffer a brutal home invasion, resulting in Joe’s death and Hanna’s severe injury and memory loss.

Rud is convicted of the crime, but Dawn also faces scrutiny and suspicion. Determined to exonerate her daughter and condemn her husband’s murderer, Hanna resolves to recall that traumatic night so she can testify in the retrial. But as memories resurface, Hanna faces the unsettling question of how well she knows her own daughter—or whether she ever did.

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