Indie Week welcomes Kathy, founder of I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

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Could you please tell us about yourself? You’re a stay-at-home mom with five kids. You’re also a very popular book reviewer with a fantastic blog! How do you do it all?

I don’t always do it all well. At times I spend too much time blogging and reading and then my house looks like a tornado blew through. Other times life gets hectic and blogging gets put aside. It’s a constant juggling act.

Could you please describe a typical day?

My days are far from typical: and rarely is one day anything like the next.

I’m up by 6:45 when I wake my oldest daughter up for school. I have 5 kids in 4 different schools all with different start and end times. It takes me 2 hours from the time I wake my first child up until the last one is finally out the door. I then have 2½ hours to myself until my kindergartner gets home, which I generally spend blogging or cleaning the house: . Then the rest of the day is chaos! Meals, babysitting, cleaning, errands, laundry, dishes, homework, sports: the day doesn’t slow down until the last child is put to bed and I try to squeeze in some reading before going to sleep.

As you state on your blog, you’re a reader, not a writer. You have 5000 Goodreads fans and 7000 blog followers. That’s impressive! Could you please tell us why you started the site and how you’ve built such a wide following?

I started my blog so I could sign up for ARC tours. I was reading a lot and don’t consider myself to be a great writer but I wanted to be able to get my hands on some books I didn’t want to wait to read. I’ve put a lot of time into my blog and tried to network with other bloggers to build my following.

You’re a recognized and respected book reviewer. What do you enjoy most about reviewing books?

I don’t actually enjoy writing reviews – that’s the hardest part for me. I struggle to come up with something other than ‘I really enjoyed this book!’

On your blog, you mention finding gems. Does this happen often? What, for you, is a gem?

A gem for me is a book that I can’t put down and can’t stop thinking about. A book I can without hesitation recommend to anyone.

You must get hundreds, if not thousands, of review requests every month. How do you handle all the requests?

I hate that I now have to turn so many people away. I used to be able to accept everything and post a review quickly. I just had to change my review policy and basically am not accepting anything unsolicited at this time. I try to put up author interviews & giveaways for any author who asks but even those are now taking up a tremendous amount of time.

How do you decide which books to review?

It’s so random. I have a bookshelf by my bed filled with books I want to read or have been sent to review. My Kindle has another couple hundred books I’ve been sent to review. There is no rhyme or reason to why I read, what I read, when I read it.

Do you review self-published books? Why or why not?

I do review them. One of my favorite authors self-publishes.

Do you feel there is a stigma against self-published writers? If so, do you feel it’s deserved?

Yes there is a stigma. Some writers deserve it, many do not.

Do you find a difference in the quality of traditionally and self-published books? If so, what are the major differences?

It totally depends on the individual book and the reason for self-publishing. I’ve read some fabulous self published books and others that were not so great.

I think the biggest problem with some of the self published books that creates the stigma against them is that they have not been edited and revised enough prior to going to print. They are more like a first or second draft and not a finished copy. Too many self-published authors ‘rush’ to get their book printed and don’t take the time to get enough quality feedback first. Authors who do this can give self-publishing a bad name.

Asking your mom, best friend or neighbor to read the book isn’t going to get you the feedback you really need. I highly suggest authors join a writer’s or critique group or seek multiple unbiased readers to review your book prior to publishing it. I’ve been asked to review books for friends – it’s hard to give them honest, unbiased feedback.

For indie authors in particular, getting reviewed is one of the biggest challenges. Do you have any advice?

I read dozens of self-published books when I first started blogging. I was thrilled that someone wanted me to read their book. I’d recommend starting with smaller sites & newer reviewers who would likely feel the same way I did when I was starting out. I still remember the first two Indie authors who approached me asking for a review. I’d gladly review for them again anytime simply because they took a chance with me when I was just starting out.


“I’m a Stay at Home mom who loves to read. I have an elementary education degree from BYU. Children’s Literature was my favorite class.

I read from a variety of genres but favor fairy tales, fantasy and clean romance.

I try to read books that are clean & uplifting.

Books should come with content ratings since I hate having to put a book down due to graphic content or strong language.

[My] blog is to share the books I read and enjoy. When someone asks me what have you read lately that was good it will be easy for them to find out!”

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer

I Am A Reader, Not A Writer features “simple and straightforward” reviews. Kathy says: “Included will be a few of my thoughts on the book, whether there is any content parents & conservative readers might find objectionable and a rating based simply on how well I liked the book. Rather than spending forever writing more elaborate reviews you will find me curled up with a good book. At least I hope it is a good book!”



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Terri Giuliano Long

Terri Giuliano Long, a frequent guest blogger, with appearances on hundreds of blogs, is a contributing writer for IndieReader and also wrote for Her Circle eZine. She lives with her family on the East Coast. Her debut novel, In Leah’s Wake, winner of the Global eBook Award, Popular Fiction, and Indie Discovery Award, Literary Fiction, has sold over 130,000 copies worldwide.

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  1. Okay, Kathy's life makes my low key day job feel like a walk in the park!

    I loved the interview and am so glad I saw a link on twitter to Indie Week. Can't wait to go back and read the rest of the posts!

    Thank you.

  2. Molly Frenzel

    I love Kathy's blog. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer is one of my favorites!

  3. Great interview! I love Kathy's blog. It's fun to read an interview with a blogger instead of an author for once :-)

  4. Vanessa

    Awesome interview! Just as awesome as Kathy's blog :)

    • Thank you so much – I can tell you how much I appreciate your review and your visit today! It's so kind of you to take the time to read/review the book!

  5. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. I'm a Reader is a special place to visit each day. It makes my day and is a delight.

  6. Linda Kish

    It was really fun getting to know more about Kathy. Great interview. Thanks.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  7. Great Post!! I reviewed In Leah's Wake and found it to be a very interesting book. Teenage angst at it's best!! lol…seriously this is an awesome book…I look forward to reading more of Terri Longs books.

  8. Amy S.

    I've been following Kathy's blog for almost a year now, but this is the first time I feel like I've actually gotten to know about Kathy herself! I'm glad you interviewed her. I've got 4 kids in 3 schools, and work at a different school, so I can relate to her crazy routine.

  9. Margaretsimn

    Lovely interview! I'm a longtime follower of Kathy's so enjoyed getting to know her a little better.

  10. I was wondering how hard it is to put together guest interviews or celebration weeks? I'm sure it's a lot of very hard work and requires a lot of patience!

  11. What an awesome contest. I visit I am a Reader daily. I also particapte in her giveaway hops! =)


  12. Margaret

    This is a wonderful celebration of indies! Thank you!

    • I have been one of Kathy's followers for a while now. I make sure I read her blog every day. Part of the reason is because she does read and review self-published authors.

  13. its nice to know more abot KAthy founder of I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. love her blog.

    Terri, how did you get the idea to come up with your blog?





    Thanks for sharing the interviwe with us, it was interesting.

    I wish I had more time to read. I've only made a few reviews and I'd like to do more.

    @ Kathy: How do you do reviews???? How do I do if I didn't like the book that much?

  15. Alyssa Susanna

    Thanks Terri! This is such a great idea! Kathy is definitely one of my favorite bloggers. She's amazing and really efficient!

    I do have a question for Terri:

    Today, drugs, parties, and sex are all a part of high school with which many students are familiar. I am a high school student, and while I do not partake in any of these activities, I know people and have heard about people who have. So, my question is, when you were writing In Leah's Wake, were you thinking of today's society? The obvious answer would be yes, but were writing with the intent to tell the world that this is wrong? That teenagers should not be exposed to such things? Or were you trying to tell the story of a girl with such struggles?

    Sorry, that's more than one question :D


    Alyssa Susanna


  16. Natalie Cleary

    Great interview. I have 4 boys so I know how Kathys life can get hectic.

  17. Stephanie

    It was interesting to hear more about self-published books and more about Kathy, thanks!

  18. I've been following Kathy's blog for a while now and it's great to read this interview to find out more about the person behind the blog.

    It's amazing what she gets done in a day!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    Hi again

    @ Terri, I've read your book's blurb. Was it inspired in a true story or where did you get the idea for it?

  20. Love the interview! I follow Kathy's blog and it's great to hear more about her life.

  21. Thank you so much for this interview and giveaway! You asked great questions, and Kathy's responses really helped me with my blog. :)

  22. Megan G.

    Hi Terri, great interview. My question would be is there a question that you would love to ask an author but would ptobably be inapproiate?

  23. Great Interview. It's great to find someone else who doesn't enjoy writing reviews. Though I write researches not reviews, but the introduction part is always the hardest.

  24. Judy Cox

    I really enjoyed the interview. I won an e-book copy of Leah's Wake, awhile back, don't remember if I posted a review or not, but I thoroughly enjoyed your book and would recommend it to everyone to read:)

  25. I'm on Kathy's list that she gives to authors when she can't take it on herself. I've read some great books that way so very excited and appreciative of her hard work.

  26. Colleen Turner

    Great interview! Kathy's blog is one of my favorites and I love that she highlights authors I have never heard of before. Always great to discover someone new. Thanks!

  27. Mary Ann Woods

    For Terri:

    As a frustrated writer myself I always wonder what writing process successful writers follow. Do you sit down at a given time every day and write for a certain time period just like you're at your job? Or do you write when your "muse" encourages you? I have yet to figure our my method!

  28. Colleen Turner

    In Leah's Wake sounds just wonderful! I'm curious, what is your favorite part about being a writer? I always wonder what drives authors to keep doing it!

  29. Judy Cox

    Terri,thanks for your giveaways and to Kathy for getting so many great authors and their books to us on her blog.

  30. Emmaq

    Great interview.Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.This is a wonderful celebration of indies!

  31. Wonderful to know more about you, Kathy. And you manage that awesome blog with 5 kids at home? Salute to you!

  32. deanna_boocock

    Thanks to I am a reader… found your great blog. Thanks for promoting those Indies. I have read some amazing books privately published and always tell my friends about them and pump them up on Goodreads. It's too bad that publishers seems so stuck with the 'proven' authors. There's a lot of 'famous' writers out there that should have stopped writing long ago. The publishers need to open up and take a risk on exciting newcomers!

  33. Kathy's blog is one of the first international blogs I started reading (I don't live in US or Canada). Her blog is still one of my faves and I love how she introduces new authors and hosts all those amazing giveaway hops! THANKS Kathy!

  34. Margay

    Great interview, Kathy! How long did it take you to build up such an impressive following?

  35. Cyndee Thomas

    Kathy's Blog is my favorite. It was a good interview:)

    Question for you Terri:What defines a "Indie Book?".

    Thanks for the giveaway.


    • Hi Cyndee! Well, I think this is often a hotly debated question but for me it's any book that has been published via a non-traditional route, such as self-published or small press published.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  36. G Bailey

    Terri–thanks for the interview with Kathy–nice surprise for me today

  37. Great interview. Kathy, I loved learning more about you. As a lover of books and an aspiring author, I admire all you do to support books and authors. Thanks so much.

  38. Holly in Durham

    What a great week-long celebration! I must admit, I am almost exclusively buying/reading Indie, self-pubbed authors these days – and I love it! Just discovered Kathy's blog, I'm already enjoying it so much (and just love the look/theme of it, too). And re another of your interviews – THANK YOU, Greg, for starting ENT…I absolutely LOVE y'all, and rely on your daily posts to find free Kindle books!! I'm not working at the moment, so "free" and "bargain" are words I love to hear :). Thanks to all!

  39. Diane Sallans

    came visiting from 'I am a Reader, Not a Writer'. That seemed like the perfect blog for me since that's what I am too.

    I'm learning about the world of Indie's. Seems like a great place for a writer to go in todays digital world.

  40. Amy Wenndt

    Thanks of the great interview and wonderful giveaways. I enjoy your blog.

  41. June M.

    I really enjoy your blog Kathy. You do a lot to help authors, many of them indie authors. And your blog hops are a great way to find new blogs and authors. Thank you so much!

  42. hi love reading what others have to say about books ive read and reviewed also. thanks for sharing the interview.


  43. Julie

    Thanks for the post and giveaway. I enjoyed the post on Kathy's blog.

  44. Hi Kathleen! Thank you so much – for both your visit today and for reviewing In Leah's Wake!! I am so touched by your wonderful comments!

  45. Wendy/books4me

    Like most, I love I Am a Reader Not a Writer blog! There is always giveaways and blog hops! What goes into putting together a blog hop? Is that time consuming!

  46. Thank you Linda – I think it's been great to get to know more about everyone this week and I'm so glad I was able to interview Kathy!

  47. Mel Bourn

    Your day sounds so much like mine! I too have 5 kids and have to start early. I love my morning time with them. I just wish I was a stay at home mom. But I have the next best job…teaching!

    Great interview!



    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  48. Thank you so much Margaret! There are so many wonderful books and authors out there – I wish we'd been able to showcase so many more!

  49. I have been following Kathy for a long time and taking part in as many of her giveaway hops as I can. I hope one day my blog can be 1/2 as successful as hers!!! Great post!!

  50. Hi Dina! I've been teaching for several years so I wanted to share many of the things I feel are important in writing – I also wanted colours and images that I felt really 'fit' me, such as the image in the header. It's taken a a lot of work and it's still developing but I love the direction it's going in.

    Thank you so much for your visit!

  51. I'm A Reader is one of my three favorite blogs. Glad I found it; nice to read a bit more about its founder.

  52. Gosh, I can only imagine Daniela! Sometimes I find it difficult to get the time to read, let alone review as well. It's another reason I admire bloggers so much!

  53. Hi Alyssa! Wow, that's a tough question! I'm not sure it was a conscious decision but it was part of Leah's journey and so, I suppose, I wanted readers to accept that it could be part of any teenager's journey. Leah was from a 'good' family, on the 'right' side of the tracks, but a couple of slips was all it took. I think I just wanted to get across the messages 'don't judge' and 'don't assume'.

    Thank you so much for your great question!

  54. Kathy,

    Hi! SO wonderful to see you here! I LOVED your interview answers! I particularly LOVED the answers you gave about the Indie authors RUSHING to get their books into print!

    You are ALSO SOOOO CORRECT in that mothers, friends, and I'll add Librarians doing reviews for the Indie authors, or even having those people EDIT the book is NOT the way to go! This DOES give Indie Authors a BAD name. I've just had this very same experience myself.

    I've come across several books of late that they HAVE been RUSHED. What's the RACE?? WHY go SO fast before the book is ready? I don't understand this? It has even gone so far as them asking ME for help with some of the editing! NO WAY! I'll read the book, maybe, and perhaps write the review, IF it's worthy of being called a book. At least right now, currently, I am having this problem. The market IS being flooded by ANYONE who thinks they can write a book. It was NOT like this as much a year or two ago. I started blogging about 2 years ago now, and it was not as bad as it seems like it is now. ANYONE who writes a book seems to think they are the BEST. Well, sorry, they are not.

    I also whole-heartedly agree with you that they should join writer's groups, HIRE AN EDITOR, and participate in other author related events that can HELP them along!

    What I am doing at this point in time is asking them what clubs/Associations/Groups, etc., do they belong to? If the answer is none, I refuse to read their book! THEY are giving INDIE authors a BAD name!

    I guess it's about the right amount of time now, since Amazon started the self-publishing, and with the Kindle, etc., that ANYONE seems to think they can write a book. At first it did not seem this way. I read many wonderful books! Also, like you, there is one author in particular who I am SOOOO fond of! I would review ANYTHING for her!!! However, she IS an EXCELLENT writer and has won NUMEROUS awards for her writing.

    Right now I have the difficult thing of writing some 'not so great reviews'. I HATE doing this, but, it's the HONEST truth about the books I read. Drudgingly read. FORCED myself to finish.

    I am NOT changing HOW I write my reviews and glossing over ANY of their works. I am writing my HONEST OPINION of what I think about their books.

    Indie Authors, GOOD Indie Authors, demand as MUCH respect as an author who has gone through a Publisher. Also, sometimes just because those authors have gone through Publishers does NOT make their books any better, either, and this is where the Indie Authors SHINE!!!

    I am SO glad you wrote what you did about Indie Authors because those very thoughts have been going through my mind lately. I have been struggling over them, and feel SOOO much better to hear your thoughts on this!

    Thank you!!!

    SO GREAT to hear YOU interviewed for once!!! You are always interviewing 'other authors'! I've never read an Interview done by YOU! LOVED it!!!

    Laurie Carlson

    Thanks, Teri, for having Kathy as a Guest on your Blog!

    Here's to GREAT Indie Authors!

  55. Hello again!

    I want to ADD one thing I left out of my previous comment.

    A GREAT way to know if an Indie Author has pushed their book as FAST as they can to print is to read the first usually '2' reviews that are 5-stars!

    If you click on the person's name who wrote those 2 reviews, you will most likely find that that person has NEVER written another review on ANY other books EVER. Or, if they have, it will ONLY be '1' other book. This is almost a fool-proof way to know they have RUSHED their work to be published! They have NOT had their books reviewed by ANY Bloggers, bypassed ANYONE ELSE for reviews, and have really in my opinion, cheated the system.

    NO NEW BOOK is going to automatically have 5-star reviews! Especially a 1st or a 2nd novel!

    Just a something I have noticed on NEW books with only a few 5-star reviews.

    Now, an Indie Author who belongs to author groups, author support sites, and other related 'writer's groups', and there are many, KNOW you don't do this! You get "real" reviews! NOT reviews by Mom, the neighbor, or your best friend!

    This is the difference between AWESOME Indie Authors, and the 'wanna-be' Indie Authors.

    Just giving my HONEST opinion.


    Laurie Carlson

  56. Hi Christina – it does take a lot of work and preparation to put together a week like this – not just from me but from all the participants. I just felt it was so worth it to spread the message that there are some great indie books out there!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  57. Hi Daniela! There wasn't any one particular story – I think instead it was more a mix of many things I'd heard over the course of a few years. The All-American family is painted as an ideal – but it's so hard to know what's behind the scenes.

    Thanks for stopping back – I appreciate that so much!

  58. Phew, that's another tough question! I guess every author wants to know what's working for another author in terms of sales, promotion etc. There's almost an invisible boundary between talking about it and probing so you have to be careful. I guess you have to be willing to share and also willing to accept that not everyone will want to give away their magic formula!

    Thanks so much for visiting, Megan!

  59. Wow thanks for all the great compliments. I've got the flu and feel horrible and it was nice to have something to make me smile :)

  60. Very insightful interview!

    Thank you, Kathy, for giving us a glimpse into your busy life — it makes your achievements as a blogger even more amazing!

  61. Juana Esparza

    I enjoyed your interview. I also like Kathy's website not only because of the awesome giveaways & fun blog hops, but because I have also found new authors/books through your reviews.

  62. Vivien

    Great post!! I know it takes so much effort to run a blog, and it's very much appreciated daily!

    Would you quit now if you could?

    What's the last book you gave an epic 5 star rating to?

  63. Thank you Jessica! I think I would have liked someone to tell me to have more confidence. I put In Leah's Wake out there and didn't tell anyone at first – not even my parents. That was a big mistake. I've realized now that you can be proud of your work without being arrogant. In fact, you HAVE to be proud of your work to promote it effectively!

    Thank you so much for such a great question!

  64. To say I'm a teacher, you'd think I'd have more of a routine but I find it difficult to plan writing time. Often I just square away some time and try and push forward, other times it comes more easily. I sometimes think I'm still finding my method too, Mary!

    Thanks so much for your question and visit!

  65. Thank you Colleen! It's very difficult to say for sure. I love developing an idea and bringing the story to life, but you can't beat that feeling when someone tells you they connected with the story or identified with a character. That makes the hard work so worthwhile!

  66. Wow, that is one busy schedule. Five kids and a book blog? It blows my mind away… I can only imagine how my blog will survive once I start having kids.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. Renee B

    Kathy's life makes mine look like a walk in the park. I don't know how she gets the energy to do so much. I just love her blog and she is always, (and I do mean always) either hosting or promoting a blog hop. Her hops have THE best prizes and I have found quite a few new to me authors to follow. Thank you Terri for having Kathy on your blog and thank you Kathy for doing what you do so well.

  68. Jessie C.

    Thanks for the great interview so we get to know Kathy better.

  69. Lacey

    What a great interview! Kathy's blog is one of my favorites :) I love all her giveaways and blog hops. It's great to see more info about her.

  70. Jackie Smith

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I love Kathy's blog and subscribe.

  71. Karen B

    What a great interview! This greatgrannie now has to take a nap after reading of Kathy's day although I can relate having raised 3 boys. I've been a subscriber to Kathy's blog for some time and thoroughly enjoy it.

  72. Would I quit? There are days I wonder how long I can keep it up but I'd likely scale back before quitting all together.

    5 star ratings… I've really enjoyed Amy Plum's Revenants series. Book 2 (Until I Die) comes out Tuesday and hasn't got nearly enough hype.

    Edenbrooke by Julie Donaldson is another recent favorite.

  73. What a terrific interview with Kathy! It is was really refreshing to see a bit into the life of a book blogger. I am a big fan of hers and now I have even more respect for what she does.

  74. My question for Terri: How has motherhood impacted your writing?

  75. Holly in Durham

    Hi Terri, I have a question for you:

    In the overview to “In Leah’s Wake” you noted that your daughters were teenagers when you were writing the book. First, let me say kudos to you if you were able to survive raising FOUR girls who were teenagers all at the same time!! My goodness. I just think about how my sister and I were as teens (2 years apart) and can only conclude that you and your husband must have some super special powers :). Second, to the actual question, did you also write when your children were younger? or did you have to kind of put your writing “on hold” (as many women say) until they entered their teenage years and were more self-sufficient, etc? If you wrote when they were young, how did you prioritize/balance time/find time to do it all??

    Thanks in advance… I’m always eager to hear other moms’ stories about how they tried to at least get close to some balance in their lives!

  76. Debbie G.

    I really enjoyed the interview. I have recently discovered Kathy's Blog and I love it!! I have found some really great books that I might otherwise have missed.

    Your new book "Nowhere To Run" looks really good, I will definitely be watching for it.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  77. Lexie

    Wonderful interview Kathy! By the way, thanks so much for taking the time to help me out with my two blog tours. I know it takes you a lot of time and I really appreciate it!

  78. Laura McLendon

    Thanks to both of you, Kathy for doing the interview and Terri for hosting it. I really did enjoy it and I learned a few things too.

    The question I had was answered and I believe it is past time for them anyway. :)

  79. Denice Mae

    Thanks for this!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Question: What do you prefer? An ebook or an actual book? And why?

  80. DarkBloodyVamp

    Great interview Kathy! I don't know how you are able to squeeze any reading and blogging in with 5 kids!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  81. Mary Preston

    It is very interesting reading about bloggers. A regular feature would be welcome.


  82. What a great interview!! I loved reading how you started out as a blogger and the suggestions you gave for self-published authors. Kudos to your success :D

  83. My question to you is:

    How would you suggest to a new blogger, like me, how to get invited to read ARC's from major book publishing companies? I get lots of book review opportunities for self published books, which I love to do, but it would be great to read more books from publishing companies, too :D

  84. Elizabeth

    Good interview, I enjoyed reading about your experiences.

  85. Tressa S

    This was a great interview! I learned some new things about Kathy, who I follow regularly and have since almost the beginning of her blog. I've been thinking about doing a book blog so that I can get my hands on books early and for free, but it is definitely a big commitment and I've got four kids. Kathy gives me hope, though, that one day I'll get there. :)

    Terri – Kathy talked about being self-published vs. non and I was curious what your views were on that from an author's point of view. Care to comment?

    • Thanks for your question Tressa! I think for many authors traditional publishing is still a great way to go. For others, self-publishing meets their needs. The idea of this week is all about saying 'There is a choice.'

      Thank you so much for reading!

  86. Great interview!

    Kathy, with five kids, how do you find the time to read so many books? And how do you find different ways of saying how you like a book you're reviewing?

  87. Oh WOW! I didn't know ANY of this! I've followed Kathy since before creating my own book page and then my blog…she's always doing so many amazing things that at first I didn't even see the time or posts that contained reviews!! I thought her site were pure giveaways…as a rookie blogger I really look up to all the hard work and time she dedicates to her blog :D

    OH MT GOD!

    Kathy! I so completely agree with you!! I was asked over a year ago~first days as an official reviewer~to read and review some indie books…the author was really professional about the whole thing and I was more than happy to oblige, someone considering me to critic his/her work while my page was so little known~not that it is huge now~and take me seriously…???

    IF that person were to ask me to read any other of her/his works again I'd surely do so!

    Thanks for the interview!!!

  88. Terri!! Question…How did you decide to interview Kathy?? hahaha I'm always intrigued why people decide to interview certain bloggers :D I mean, aside from the HUGENESS of her blog and her amazing blog hops…??

  89. Hi Terri!

    This is for a Blog Post Comment!

    I just want to say Thank You for participating in the Indie Author Week and the Amazon Gift Card giveaway!

    I also sent an email to Novel Publicity asking WHEN is your next book due out? A NEW one is WAY overdue!!! Looking forward to the next one!!


    Laurie Carlson

    laurieisreading at gmail dot com

  90. Sonia

    Great review! I visit I am a reader, not a writer frequently. I find it hard to write reviews as well. I usually write short reviews. How can I write a better review? Do you have any tips?

  91. I completely agree Abby – Kathy puts in so much work to showcase so many authors! It's incredible!!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  92. reading mind

    I am a reader not a writer is one of the first book blogs I discovered when I started looking on the web for book lovers and I love it! KAthy is just great and does an amazing job!

  93. Thank you so much, Laurie! I think you've made some great points here. The indie movement is very much about pulling together and supporting other authors and bloggers – and authors have to play their part too!

  94. Wow! I find looking after one child a challenge so how you juggle 5 kids and your blog I don't know! My blog is hard enough work and I do nowhere near the amount of stuff you do! Well done for being so dedicated and so organised! I'm amazed!

  95. Hi Terri, I hadn't heard of your book before today but it certainly sounds like a good read. Have you had personal experience with kids abusing drugs or was this just an important topic that you felt needed to have more attention?


    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! When I was younger, I worked for the town paper and I wrote a series about families with kids who struggled with drug and alcohol addictions. The stories were heartbreaking and they stayed with me. While the situation with the Tyler family is very different from anything I experienced as a teen or with my own children, if our eyes are open it’s impossible not to see these things going on.

      To be honest, it wasn’t that I thought drug abuse needed attention as much as I felt a disconnection within communities. We were all, understandably, pushing our kids, wanting them to succeed, to get into the right schools and so on – and I saw so many kids burn out or rebel. When that happened, the families were often ostracized, as if by supporting or rallying around them their problems might rub off. That’s really the problem that drove me to write this story.

      Thank you for asking – and thank you so much for stopping by!

  96. Thank you so much for visiting, Denice! This is a tough one! I love the flexibility that comes with an ebook, but there's something special about curling up with a good paperback!

  97. Wow, that's quite a schedule! I could not handle that one at all. I don't have (human) kids my kids are (my dogs). Sadly they are getting really old now. I know I don't have that much more time with them. :(

  98. Hi Holly!

    Thank you so much for visiting!

    Yes (laughing), four teens can be a challenge, especially when they're close, as ours were, and they put their heads together. They still talk to each other every day, which sometimes means if I disagree with one I'm in fact disagreeing with four. But daughters are wonderful, so I am blessed!

    When my kids were young, I worked part-time, in marketing or editing, and it was usually in an office. Part-time work isn't for everyone, but I enjoyed it because it kept me in the workforce, yet I still had time for all the mom things I wanted to do. I was just beginning to write fiction then. I occasionally wrote on days off; more often I would get up at 4:30 or 5:00 and write while the house was quiet, my husband and daughter still asleep.

    It's tough for women to find balance. We do the best we can. I think that's all we can–and should–expect of ourselves. We cut everyone else slack, but we're rarely–in my experience, anyway–as kind to ourselves.:)

    I agree, though – I love to hear how other moms do it! What do you do, Holly?

  99. Hi Tami! Wonderful to see you here. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Logistically speaking, because being a mom is such an important part of who I am, I think it took me longer than some people to develop as a writer and now it takes longer to finish projects than it might for others without family responsibilities. If one of my daughters needed – or needs – me, that comes before anything else. This is just life.

    Being a mom also informs my writing in the sense that I look at problems or situations from the point of view of a mom. In Leah's Waken and Nowhere to Run both involve rebellious teens – while the teens' behaviors can be frustrating, I also love the kids in the stories. That I choose to write about families is, I'm sure, also the driven by my being a mom.

    Thank you for asking!

  100. Dovile

    A question for you – you asked Kathy about the difference between traditionally and self-published books. What is your opinion on this? Have ever tried self-publishing? I'd like to hear about this from an author point of view. Thanks!

    • Hi Dovile,
      Yes, I self-published my debut novel, In Leah’s Wake. Self-publishing is tough – much like starting a small business – but it’s been an amazing experience. I’ve met many wonderful people and feel fortunate to be part of this supportive community. In the past, people often self-published because they didn’t have any other choice. Today, self-publishing is all about choice! Some traditionally published authors self-publish their out-of-print books. Other writers self-publish because they want artistic control or they hope to build a platform or or they feel they can make more money self-publishing. Truly, there has never been a more exciting time for writers! I discuss all this in an upcoming news story, “Sticks & Stones, the New Politics of Self-Publishing.” If you’re interested, please watch for it on later this week. You might also check out the terrific posts by the 7 fab indie authors featured here this week – each talks about his or her indie experience.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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    I follow a lot of blogs, and Kathy's is one of my favourites. My only problem is there are so many books I want to read, and so little time.

  105. Lexie

    Thanks SO SO much Terri!! I will have to buy your book with my wonderful GC!

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